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Reckless driving - DUI/DWI
Hit and Run - Speeding 
Driving on a Suspended License
All minor & major violations

You do not want points on your license. You do not want to go to jail.

I handle all of these and more...

In Virginia, even minor traffic offenses could lead to the loss of your license, money & freedom.  


You might think, well, "I made a mistake driving... I'm guilty, so I will just take the consequences."
But what you may not realize is receiving a traffic offense conviction can have negative consequences that can affect your life for a very long time.  
But there is HOPE, and you owe it to yourself to have me evaluate your case. All you have to do is get me the ticket(s) and facts of your case, and I will determine if there is anything in the law that could lead to a reduction or even getting the case dismissed. 

I will answer all of your questions and our initial consultation is free!


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goes to court in:

“I received a traffic ticket in Virginia as a New York Driver. Mr. Cardon resolved my case in my absence.  I was impressed & grateful.” 

 - Darren S.

I know how to navigate our traffic legal system.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Just think of me as the best GPS! Once you give me your information, I will lay out all the steps on how we are going to get there. If we have to reroute, I have been doing this long enough to know all the back roads and which paths we may want to avoid. You will never wonder how it's all going to play out, because I will handle everything and keep you informed all along the way.

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Hiring David Cardon gives you peace... knowing you be well cared for, and you will not go through this alone.

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