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Were you charged with a crime? In the wrong place at the wrong time? Whether you committed a crime or not, the process can be overwhelming.

I will break everything down, explain the procedures, and alert you to the various outcomes. I will fight for you, and I will not judge you. 

“If you need the best legal representation then contact David Cardon as soon as possible.”

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What happens in a felony case?

Here is an outline of what to expect:


Arraignment. This usually occurs within a few days of your charge. The judge will explain your charges & ask you if you are getting a lawyer- and of course you say, "Yes! David Cardon."


Preliminary Hearing. This is when we go to court to hear if the case has enough evidence to go to Circuit Court. It will either be dismissed or go to trial.


Grand Jury. This is a closed proceeding, involving the Commonwealth Attorney, Grand Jurors and witnesses to sign off on the case going to trial in the Circuit Court. We don't attend.


Trial in Circuit Court. This is where a judge or jury will decide if you are guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. You will know our plan through and through before we go to trial. We are in this together. 


Sentencing. If you were found guilty, the Judge will review the pre-sentence report & sentencing guidelines, and I will present any evidence to show why the punishment should be minimal.


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