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From the moment you contact Cardon Law to the successful resolution of your case, you are in
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David Cardon goes above and beyond to get the compensation you deserve.

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When you are injured by another, you probably have a lot of questions... 
1. What should I do first?
2. Should I see a doctor?
3. Should I call my insurance adjustor or the other driver's insurance company?
4. Should I use my health insurance to pay for my medical treatment?
5. How do I get the most money for my injuries?

How is cardon LaW different?


At Cardon Law, you will always work one-on-one with David Cardon. You are not just a case number. You have a personal injury, and one David Cardon takes to heart.


Mr. Cardon is 100% committed to serving all people. He will work tirelessly, back and forth with the other side, to get you compensated for all you are going through. 


 Mr. Cardon will keep you informed about your case throughout, and you will never feel alone. Cardon Law has an amazing reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to communicating with clients.

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"I'm very glad I chose Mr. Cardon to represent me for my PI case. He was knowledgable, and has a calming and assuring personality which helped me tremendously in a very hectic time."

— N. Law

"Mr. Cardon was an absolute professional, & he has a true passion for his clients.  He has an A+ knowledge of the system and friendly demeanor towards everyone in the courtroom. I would rate higher than 5 stars!"

— Nicholas E.

"Gotta say, this is the best lawyer ever! I chose Mr. Cardon and am so satisfied. Thank you SO much!"

—Daryl C.

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Hiring David Cardon gives you peace... knowing you be well cared for, and you will not go through this alone.

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